Important To Understand:

  • Market movement is extremely complex
  • You must observe everything (all markets, etc) to notice how things are connected
  • You must understand how everything functions — it is all connected
  • Nothing is random… not even a drunk walking in the park late at night
  • Nothing takes place which is disconnected from the whole


The Timing Arrays:

  • DO Forecast Turning Points, measured on Intraday event or Closing event
  • DO NOT Forecast specific high or low


As Martin Armstrong states, As illustrated here, sometimes the highest closing and the intraday can be as much as 4 units of time apart in separation. So that applies on a fractal basis from Daily to Yearly level.


Must Realize Markets Are Fractal:

  • Patterns replicate through all levels of time (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
  • What happens in Daily, would replicate in Weekly, as well as Monthly.. etc
  • Actual trend changes are confirmed from Monthly to Yearly


Measures Of Time:

Daily Levels: Offer greatest “noise”, shifts in bullish/bearish all the time
Weekly Levels: Offer more of counter-trend move, may be sustained for few months before resuming long-term trend.
Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Levels: confirm the actual trend


Parts of The Array: