Everything works in cycles. It is found that PI 3.14, is very important as Martin Armstrong has dedicated his life to.

In this post, I am organizing the wave cycles to understand timing better for markets, life, and in space/time.

Martin Armstrong discusses wave cycles:

I have warned that the Economic Confidence Model has three distinct components. There is the main wave frequency based upon Pi of 8.6 years which builds into 6 waves forming the major wave of 51.6 years which seems to be the generational shifting wave that manifests in political changes between public and private trends.

Then there is the volatility wave component. This is what causes one 8.6 year wave to be more pronounce than another. The volatility component has a frequency of 6 years which is a slower moving wave taking 12 unit waves to build into the ultimate volatility peaks.

The Schema Frequency I do not reveal. To put this in context, it is the DNA wave of a coded pattern throughout time. This will be the last thing I ever reveal if I decide to do so. The jury is still out.

Summary of Wave Cycles:

While I may not get it quite exactly, below is my summary of wave cycles which I will be updating as I understand them more.

Economic Confidence Model: (as per Martin Armstrong’s work)

  • Main Wave Frequency: Pi of 8.6 Years
    • Builds into 6 Waves (builds into 51.6 yr wave)
  • Volatility Wave Component: Frequency of 6 years
    • Takes 12 unit waves to build into Ultimate Volatility Peak
    • Causes 8.6 wave to be more pronounced
    • Slower moving wave
  • Schema Frequency (not revealed as this time)
    • Like DNA coded pattern throughout time